New House Wiring for Pensacola & Milton, FL

Not so long ago, new home wiring meant running home electrical and telephone wiring. Nowadays, modern homes require more than that with improved technology. With improved building codes, more regulations have gone into electrical such as placing GFIs near sinks in your kitchen or bathroom.

When building a new home, it is important to determine what type of electrical you want run through your house and where. Things like recessed electrical boxes or recessed lighting can be created to better fit plugs and hide lights. You may even want to place extra outlets along the walls or on the buffet counter in your kitchen. 

electrical contractor Pensacola, FL

Rely on our electrical contractors today!

When you work with A - Plus Electric, we will help you determine what type of electrical you need and where to put it. We have years of experience that helps us get the job done and offer you any suggestions from past work we have done. Our goal is to provide you the best electrical services that are affordable, timely and professional. 

From wiring, fixtures, lighting, circuits, solar panels, LED lighting and more, contact our knowledgeable electrical contractors today.

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